Feminized cigarette brands for vitality 11-08-2010
Almost 250 million women in the entire world are smoking  every day. About 22 percent of women in countries which are developed and 9 percent of women in countries which are developing smoke tobacco. In Asia many women are chewing tobacco.Of course cigarette smoking is declining among women in ... read more

Adult Smoking Across United States (USA) 01-09-2010
Roughly one in five adult Americans smokes, according to Gallup-Healthways Well Being Index data from 2009. At the state level, the percentage of adult smokers ranges from 13% in Utah to 31% in Kentucky and West Virginia.There is a strong regional aspect to smoking. All 11 states where a quarter or ... read more

Cigarette sales down in 2010 after price hike 03-09-2010
The year 2010 will apparently be worse for cigarette producers and sellers in the Czech Republic than last year because the January VAT hike followed by the February increase of excise duty on cigarettes has cut their consumption, according to Philip Morris’s half-yearly report.   The t ... read more

Marlboro Miles 02-09-2010
Marlboro cigarettes remains the top recognized cigarettes brands in the world. Philip Morris do their best to keep top position firm. His tobacco marketing program call “Marlboro Miles Collections“.The action, presented by company “Philip Morris Sales and Marketing” was start ... read more