Celebrities smoking

Celebrities smoking


Hollywood may be all about looks, but these stars sure don’t seem to care about the bad effects of the cigarettes they are smoking. Celebs like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Katherine Heigl loooveeee to light up their Parliament cigarettes, Marlboro and Camel Blue cigarettes. Some celebs just can’t quit puffin’ on their cigarettes .
There are many celebrities who are categorized like this:
   1. There are celebrities, especially movie stars, that smokes on screen like they are addicted but aren’t in actual place.
   2. Smoking celebrities, sometimes sports stars, endorse cigarettes very rarely, if ever; but they are declared smokers in their private lives with some needing to have a drag in between shots.
   3. Celebrities raising their voices in support of smoking cessation movements of course draw big attention but are rarely taken seriously.
   4. Celebrity smoking influences adolescents to follow suit. Youngsters want to replicate their demigods.
   5. Celebrities of the bygone era have remote chances of having picked up the habit watching their heroes.

I believe that these subjects have come across to a lot of people’s minds. Celebrities know the risks of cigarette smoking. But why are they doing it? Are they conscious about their social responsibilities? I think they are. There are so many pictures with men and women who are smoking. They appear so glamorous and civilized on screens regardless of the scene of the movie. The brands they smoke Camel, Winston, Virginia Slims,Marlboro cigarettes become a much discussed subject in campus.

We don’t know that all of those celebrities are really smokers or just do it for advertising. How can all these things be related to us? Well they are. When you want to follow your idol think about this:

   1. Can you afford 40-60 Marlboro cigarettes a day if you don’t buy them from a tax free online store or a discount sale?
   2. Cheap cigarettes at discount price may be an option but is it a license to smoke more?
   3. Many celebrities only smoke socially; they just don’t like to be left out because they don’t smoke.
   4. Celebrities can easily afford high cost healthcare, just in case.

No matter all these subjects about smoking, cigarettes are always known to give smokers a momentary relief but a long time trouble.